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We are the leading supplier of the RSO worldwide. Click the button below to learn how the RSO can help you diagnose problems and save you on time and money. 


Annual Power Systems Seminar

Every year, Sumatron sponsors a high-level, comprehensive, four-day electrical engineering seminar at the The Inn at Laguna Beach. This is a don't-miss event for power systems engineers worldwide.

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Why do I need power systems engineering consulting?

When you are in the electric business, the goal is to be as efficient and safe as possible. At home in Southern California, we have the opportunity to see firsthand the way our own power system engineers are leading the way in responsible electrical engineering. However, here at Sumatron we believe that our engineers deserve to have more resources at their disposal so they can do their jobs more safely, more efficiently, and more responsibly than ever before.

How does Sumatron provide unique power systems engineering resources?

The team at Sumatron offers power systems engineering consulting to industry professionals who want to be leaders in the field. Since 1982, our firm has been providing seminars,consulting, and print materials to power systems engineers, power plants, retail utilities, and industrial plants across the globe. We serve industry leaders in four primary ways. First, we provide comprehensive power systems engineering training for clients here in Southern California and around the world. Second, we offer onsite power systems engineering consulting services worldwide. Third, our team has developed the Sumatron EE Helper software that automates the setting of generating station protective relaying. And finally, we are the original developers of the Sumatron Generator Rotor Shorted Turn Analyzer (RSO) and are it's leading suppliers worldwide. When it comes to power systems engineering, we are the industry experts. We put over three decades of experience and study to work for you. If you are ready to reap the benefits of any of our services, call now.

Who can receive power systems engineering services?

Power systems engineering is a wide and varied field. Sumatron is currently offering our consulting services to the electrical power systems engineering support of large nuclear, coal, oil, and gas generating stations with an emphasis on plant and high voltage interconnection protective relay systems. Our seminars, materials, and tools are helpful for any power systems engineers in power plants, retail utilities, and industrial plants around the world looking to increase productivity and efficiency on the job. No matter where you are, we can provide both onsite and remote power systems engineering consulting so your facilities can flourish. Get training with our power systems engineering seminars.  Sumatron offers power systems engineering seminars anywhere in the world. We hold our annual hotel seminar at or near Laguna Niguel where you and other EEs can come to glean information that will improve your work back home at your plants. Our high-level comprehensive training provides E credits for both IEEE and NETA. Each year’s 4-day seminar is designed to advance the mastery of electrical calculations, and theoretical concepts and is targeted toward system engineers, protection engineers, protective relay technicians, distribution engineers, and generating station and large industrial plant design and support electrical engineers. We can also present the same course on-site for up to 30 attendees. If you are ready to have access to our world-class training, call now.

Receive onsite power systems engineering consulting.

We are called to perform protection reviews, mentoring, assist in problem diagnosis and isolation, maximize efficiency, and provide owner’s representation for electrical green field development projects. We have completed protection reviews for 35,000 megawatts of large fossil and nuclear generating stations that have uncovered significant high voltage electrical system reliability, plant availability, and personnel safety concerns. The best way to have location-specific consulting is for our experts to lay eyes on your facility and give our advice. We would love to come to you to provide the consulting you need to operate more safely and with more profitability.

How does your power systems engineering software work?

The Sumatron EE Helper software program helps you accomplish more in less time than ever. The software provides you with 132 practical electrical engineering calculations, which means you don’t have to spend time looking them up or second guessing the equations in your head. On top of its usefulness, there is no training required if the user is familiar with windows. You won’t find a software that is more user friendly than what Sumatron offers. It performs the preliminary voltage and short circuit studies and automates the setting calculations for large generating station protective relaying including the interconnection with the high voltage electrical systems, step-up transformers, generators, and plant auxiliary power systems. We believe that there isn’t a better training and productivity tool available to you today. It’s a must have for consulting engineers, protection engineers, protective relay technicians, site engineers, and design engineers. Sumatron’s generator testing is revolutionizing power systems engineering.
Sumatron is proud to offer EEs our Generator Rotor Shorted Turn Analyzer (RSO). This tool allows the diagnosis of problems with generator cylindrical rotor field windings prior to undertaking a costly rewinding and allows you to easily insert QC testing gateways in your rewinding process so you don’t have to rewind again once you’ve finished.
Our machine gives you more certainty about problems with your generator cylindrical rotor field windings before you resort to a rewind. We developed this RSO so you could diagnose problems quickly and get back to work without taking unnecessary steps. If you think you would benefit from our state-of-the-art RSO, call now.

Power systems engineering resources

The founders of Sumatron are the authors of the industry’s most definitive book on math, calculations, and theoretical concepts for electrical engineers. We are published by CRE press, and our resource is used by EEs all across the globe. These guidelines are a compilation of nearly forty years of electrical operating and maintenance experience in generating stations, and we trust that our book will be an excellent resource when you need these concepts and calculations at a moment’s notice.
We are proud to be the most trusted name in power systems engineering not only here in Southern California but across the world. Our seminars, consulting, software, tools, and our book have been painstakingly crafted and are being continuously edited so that you get the best information to help you in the power systems industry. If you are ready to take advantage of our decades of experience and wisdom, call now.